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Wellness Massage Lyon, Relaxation Massage Lyon
NATURIST OR NON-NATURIST - COUPLES duet massage - Lyon Villeurbanne (69)

Wellness massage specialist Lyon, naturalist or non-naturalist, couples or duet.

Wellness massage specialist Lyon, naturalist or non-naturalist, couples or duet.


Need to take a break, reconnect with yourself or let go?
Why don't you switch to relaxing?

With two complementary approaches, Tammaia Massage Center will assist you: we are happy to welcome you on a tailor-made voyage towards an emotional and sentimental escape.

Need to breathe and sleep better, burn-out, digestive problems, weight or food intolerance… the Energy Therapy will be of great help for any of these concerns.

Definition/description of wellness massage Benefits of relaxing massage in Lyon The practice of wellness massage

massage bien être lyon villeurbanne

Why "Relaxation Massage"?

The choice of the name "relaxation massage" may seem very simple. It is. We adopted it because the word "relaxation" in its double meaning conveys perfectly what the time of the session brings us. Relaxation means going from a state of physical and/or intellectual tension to a state of less tension, but it also means "having relaxation", knowing how to bounce back, be reactive, respond and be present at the right time. The sessions we propose correspond to this goal: take the time to reduce the pressures of daily life and be able to finally cope with it more easily.

In the heart of Villeurbanne at the metro station République - Villeurbanne, close to Lyon, discover Tammaia Wellness Massage Center, a specialist in relaxing massage, and treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation.

Located a stone's throw from the République metro station in Lyon - Villeurbanne, this peaceful place is a genuine haven of peace. The team of Lyon masseurs warmly welcomes you in two beautifully decorated purified rooms, a true bubble of serenity.

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Passionate, masseuses and masseurs of TAMMAIA, Teja, Sabrina, and Boris offer you traditional wellness massages. All you have to do is choose, according to your desires and needs, between various relaxing or Ayurvedic massages. You will feel your body relax in the expert hands of your masseur, while you will fully enjoy this moment of relaxation.

You will leave TAMMAIA - the Wellness Massage with your batteries recharged and your mind relaxed. In complete serenity, you will go back to face the hustle and bustle of Lyon and your busy work life.

The sublime massage

Practiced by the traditional healers of the islands and based on the principle of harmony between body and mind. Thanks to great rhythmic and fluid movements performed with the forearms, elbows and hands, the energetic blocks (physical, emotional) are released, thus achieving a physical and mental well-being.

Wellness massage helps us to see ourselves differently, to see things from a different perspective. This may disturb us. It can also help us find ourselves, transform ourselves, make us evolve.

Traditional massages are designed to facilitate elimination through movement (air), drainage (water), friction (fire) and absorption (earth).

The techniques practised in wellness massage therapy are in no way similar, neither in content nor in objectives, to the practice of massage-physiotherapy. Wellness massage is neither medical nor erotic or sexual.

The art of touch

Together, we'll find the perfect massage for you. If requested, possibility to personalize the session defined within the framework of the law.

Relaxing, soothing or rather energizing, invigorating, the benefits of massage therapy* are numerous. It* allows both at the physical, psychological or emotional level to relax, to release tensions or simply, to grant oneself a peaceful private moment. We look forward to welcoming you and accompanying you throughout your experience.

Massage and relaxation therapy in Lyon

Enjoy a moment of relaxation with an oil wellness massage in Lyon. But, what do we really mean by "wellness massage"? Is it just a moment of relaxation or does it fulfill a genuine need? We would like to present you some key ideas to help you better understand our approach to the world of wellness massage.

What is wellness massage in Lyon/Villeurbanne ?

What do the people of Lyon mean by "wellness massage"? In our research about the well-being of the inhabitants of Lyon, we realized that for the majority of the interviewed, massage therapy is a simple moment of relaxation and pleasure enjoyed once or twice a year. It's above all a moment of relaxation of the body.

Wellness massage in Lyon is part of personal service. It promotes a better hygiene of life, the tranquility of body and mind, the global balance and the personal fulfillment in a rediscovered unit.

Relaxing Massage
Relaxing Massage Lyon

A preliminary interview allows us to customize and adapt the massage therapy to your needs. Under the pressure of fingers, you will feel your muscles relax, your body become heavy and soft. With gentle and enveloping gestures of this massage your mind will quiet, your breathing calm down and you will feel yourself gently rocking on the waves of the sea. You will walk out relaxed and serene. The well-being moment

Wellness Massage: limitations

Wellness massage cannot be used for therapeutic purposes. It cannot be used for the treatment of any particular disease. This does not, however, exclude its soothing effect on certain pathological problems. It does not require a prior medical consultation. However, the massage is strictly prohibited when:

The area to be treated has lesions or other skin infections.
The person has a cardiovascular disorder.

The client should notify us when making an appointment of any bone or joint problems.

A massage should not be chosen at random. Before getting massaged, it is important to consider the technique, the quality and training of the masseur, the products used during the massage, the expectations regarding the results, the environment where the massage will be performed, the time spent per session, and finally, of course, the price.


Wellness massage, naturist or non-naturist, couples massage in duet - Lyon/Villeurbanne (69)
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Wellness massage specialist for couples or duet in Lyon/Villeurbanne


The prices are firm and non negotiable, our massages last no less than 50 minutes.

Warning: the 50-minute massages concern exclusively the head, the face, the back, hands, legs, feet, and in no case the private parts.

Our massages are purely professional and have no sexual purpose and do not substitute for medical treatment. According to Decree No. 96-879 of 8 October 1996 and Decree No. 2000-577 of 27 June 2000, wellness massage is neither a medical practice, nor therapeutic, and non-sexual.

Free shower room at your disposal, mandatory before the massage and optional after the appointment.