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Four-hands massage, wellness massage Lyon
Wellness massage, naturist or non-naturist, couples or duet massage - Lyon Villeurbanne (69)

Four-hands massage is a guaranteed moment of ecstasy: your body, both loose and totally relaxed, is no longer shaped by only two but by four hands.

Four-hands massage specialist Lyon-Villeurbanne

Four-hands massage is a guaranteed moment of ecstasy: your body, both loose and totally relaxed, is no longer shaped by only two but by four hands.

Your body is massaged following the techniques of Tammaia Massage Center, which require a perfect harmonization of movements from the two masseurs.

Four-hands massage Lyon-Villeurbanne, couples or solo

Generally set on both sides of the table, the two professionals have to make precise gestures both at the level of the method and the intensity in order for the massage to be effective.

In fact, both the left and the right parts of the body must be subject to the same rhythm so as not to unbalance the final result. The four-hands massage is an extremely relaxing massage that will help you completely lose the notion of time. The movements of four hands are slow, simultaneous and alternating, which allows you to really let go.

At the end of your massage therapy, you can either keep the benefits of the oils or not.

Free shower room will be at your disposal at the salon’s request, excluded from the massage time, before (obligatory) and after (optional) the appointment.

Let your body be rocked by the rhythms of four hands.

Enjoy an exceptional escape that offers a moment of incomparable relaxation. In the four-hand massage, the increased touch activates more nerve fibers, which creates a greater sense of relaxation.

With four hands, the brain can no longer concentrate on gestures and can fully surrender. You are thus immersed in a state of absolute serenity and your body is completely relaxed.

Four-hands massage: an absolute escape

How about a massage so deep that every inch of your body becomes relaxed? A massage so intense that your mind flies out over the clouds.

A unique moment of incomparable relaxation? Enter the very rarely achieved state of relaxation with the help of four-hands massage performed by two masseurs.

Four-hands massage: an incomparable relaxation

An hour of exceptional escape that invites you to a moment of incomparable relaxation. This is what our four-hand massage has in store for you.

In a four-hand massage, the increased touch activates more nerve fibers.

The result? A feeling of relaxation and total surrender. This massage will plunge your whole being into a state of meditation and absolute serenity.

How would you like to sail to the land of relaxation? Tell us: our four-hands massage can be performed in solo or in duet.

TAMMAIA Massage: your wellness center

Do you want to escape to find calm and serenity? Our massage center in Lyon offers you everything in the luxury of a massage room lighted with the soft glow of candles, filled with fragrant aroma and personalized background music.

Our massage center in Lyon: your devoted servants

The vocation of our massage center? Your satisfaction. Are you looking for a tonus massage to your body and mind? Our sublime massage will meet your expectations.

Treat yourself to a supreme moment with the four-hands massage and get massaged by two masseurs/masseuses.

Based on the same techniques as the relaxing Thai oil massage, the four-hands massage will relieve you from head to toe and release you completely from your physical and mental tensions.

This four-hands massage can be performed solo. You'll end up twice as relaxed and filled with energy.

Massaged body parts:
Feet, legs, back, neck, head, face, belly, arms, hands and ears

Its benefits:
Stimulates energies, relaxes muscles, reduces fatigue and fights tensions. At a different level, the increased power of gestures promotes relaxation: the soothing effect of the massage will be increased tenfold and the muscular tensions will dissipate more quickly.

Finally, the enveloping movements give a great feeling of well-being to the person being massaged: at once serene and more balanced, the massaged will forget the daily worries during the session.


Four-hands massage is a genuine duet between two practitioners, the same areas are massaged simultaneously:

They are working in total harmony and synergy on the same areas of the body and are synchronizing their movements very precisely. It is why they must have solid professional experience, a well as great dexterity.

The massage is performed on the massage table, where the person is comfortably installed, at first lying on the stomach and ending on the back. The harmonious gestures will lead to the apotheosis of the senses!


Wellness massage, naturist or non-naturist, couples massage in duet - Lyon/Villeurbanne (69)
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Wellness massage specialist for couples or duet in Lyon/Villeurbanne


The prices are firm and non negotiable, our massages last no less than 50 minutes.

Warning: the 50-minute massages concern exclusively the head, the face, the back, hands, legs, feet, and in no case the private parts.

Our massages are purely professional and have no sexual purpose and do not substitute for medical treatment. According to Decree No. 96-879 of 8 October 1996 and Decree No. 2000-577 of 27 June 2000, wellness massage is neither a medical practice, nor therapeutic, and non-sexual.

Free shower room at your disposal, mandatory before the massage and optional after the appointment.